Tuesday, January 17, 2012

November 2011

The boys spend a lot of time in the woods with their dad this fall. It is amazing to watch them explore. They find each day so amazing and just enjoy each moment as it comes. I wish I could harness that in my life every day.

Exploring the world.

We made a quick trip to Columbus to celebrate Susan's 30th birthday with the entire Gulick/Brown clan along with Landers, Jena Winner, Jovanna's parents, and Jill Miller. Jill always seems to be there right when the Winner kids need her, unfortunately is usually involves puke or poop.

He played all night long.

John, Joe, Danny

Mom, Peggy, Mr & Mrs Lander

Susan, Kelly, Molly

Dad, Manny Marquez & Jim

Isaac & John

Andrew, Jovanna & their beautiful moms.

Jim, Manny,  Rob

Susan, Erin, Mary Anne, Jena

Jill & Sean

Yes, matching shirts.

Yummy icing.

I got to spend a great morning taking a few shots of the Rindler family. We are blessed to watch our kids grow up together.
Ken, Sarah, Ian, Hannah, Leah