Friday, June 24, 2011


Rob & I celebrated our 9th anniversary earlier this week and we have been blessed to be together for the past 18 years. So fun to remember all the hard work and joy that brought us to that hot, hot day in Greenville. Thanks for to our family/friends for your love and support over the last 2 decades and all your wonderful cards and wellwishes in celebration.



June - Moms Getaway

Marie, Tricia and I spent a long weekend in Colorado that included reading, hiking, yoga, hottubing, good food/drinks and talking about our great kids/husbands. We spend time in Colorado Spring, Breckenridge and Denver and were happy to catch up with Kelly in Breckenridge. She was our resident geology expert/guide for the weekend. Great job Kelly - so glad you could join us for some R&R.

Pat on the back to our husbands for holding things down at home while we took a few days away. It just reminds me how blessed I am to be surrounded by such wonderful friends. Thanks to Ohio U for bringing us all together 14 years ago at Truedley Hall. Looking forward to our next trip soon.

Marie, Tricia, Kelly & Amy at Breckenridge Brewery

Whitewater park and play area - Downtown Denver

Tricia & Marie at Garden of the Gods

Twin Siamese - Garden of the Gods

Ending a great morning hike.

Blue skies of Colorado
View from the stage at Red Rock

Kelly & Marie

Colorado Trail - what a great place to rest our legs.

Snow on the ground on the colorado trail.

Great day with the girls.

Marie gets a angle food cake, nutella and walnut crepe.

Here is the napkin the guy had up in the window at the crepe place.
He said a drunk girl gave it to him.
Not only funny for these guys but these nursing moms too.

Sunset in Denver at the Hyatt.